Chapter Two – AFGJ | AO3

Elsie only partially remembered the face before her. Certainly they had gone to school together, for she remembered seeing him in her classes. And yet, his name escaped her.

He was a relatively decent looking boy, though, as far as she could tell. Dark, messy hair and warm, glowing eyes. How he was managing to wear black clothing in such boiling weather was beyond her, though.

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Chapter One – AFGJ

FF.Net | AO3

The air was crisp and sweet, and paid no attention to the heat wave striking the heart of Lumiose City. Shops were selling all sorts of cold sweets – from ice cream to slushies – and even cafés were beginning to run low on supplies for frappuccinos. People and pokemon alike bustled around the lively city, discussing an array of topics from popular mobile rhythm games to university texts, while the sounds of advertisements and catchy pop songs created noise in the background.

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